The Lowdown on Keller, Texas

The Lowdown on Keller, Texas

Welcome to Keller, Texas!  Located just a stone’s throw away from the Dallas/Fort Worth Keller is a great place to live and do business.  You are close enough to the bigger cities to take advantage of all they have to offer while being far enough away that you can get some peace and quiet.  So why would you want to live in Keller or even just come for a visit?  Let’s get the lowdown on Keller and why you should consider Keller if you and your family are contemplating relocating to the DFW area.

How to Get to Keller

If you are flying into Keller then chances are you are going to fly into one of the airports in Dallas or Fort Worth, there are three of them, so transportation in and out of Keller is superb.  You can land in Fort Worth at the Meacham International which is less than 10 miles away from downtown Keller.  There are two other airports you can fly into, both in Dallas.  The Dallas – Fort Worth International, which is the busiest, is about 12 miles from downtown.  The last airport at Love Field is the furthest out at 40 miles from downtown.

Where to Stay Once You’re Here

There are hundreds of hotels in an around Keller that will more than meet your needs.  If you want something budget friendly then you can check into one of the chain hotels in the area, they will run less than $100 per night.  Despite only having 2- 3 stars these hotels are clean, accommodating, close to everything and most will have all of the amenities that you need.  However if you are looking for something a little more high end then those are available too.  If you want something a little more homey and affordable then you can book into one of the AirBNBs located in town.

When to Come to Keller

This is Texas after all so if you plan on coming down here in the summertime then be prepared for the heat.  From June right through to September triple-digit heat isn’t unusual.  This part of Texas also has seasons so if you are heading down here in the winter months then bring a winter coat, while snow is rare from November to the end of February you can expect the thermometer to hover around 35F.

Business in Keller

Texas has always been a business-friendly state and Keller upholds that tradition.  There are tax advantages both at the local and state level to incentivize you to relocate here.  The business community is friendly and you can find half a dozen or more networking groups that you can connect with. Our friends at Keller Tree Service are one of many great local Keller TX businesses which are reaping the benefits that Keller has to offer. They not only provide Tree Service in Keller Texas but they also support other businesses in the community. Make sure to visit them at Come and visit Keller and see everything that it has to offer, you will love it here.