The Lowdown on Keller, Texas

Welcome to Keller, Texas!  Located just a stone’s throw away from the Dallas/Fort Worth Keller is a great place to live and do business.  You are close enough to the bigger cities to take advantage of all they have to offer while being far enough away that you can get some peace and quiet.  So why would you want to live in Keller or even just come for a visit?  Let’s get the lowdown on Keller and why you should consider Keller if you and your family are contemplating relocating to the DFW area.

How to Get to Keller

If you are flying into Keller then chances are you are going to fly into one of the airports in Dallas or Fort Worth, there are three of them, so transportation in and out of Keller is superb.  You can land in Fort Worth at the Meacham International which is less than 10 miles away from downtown Keller.  There are two other airports you can fly into, both in Dallas.  The Dallas – Fort Worth International, which is the busiest, is about 12 miles from downtown.  The last airport at Love Field is the furthest out at 40 miles from downtown.

Where to Stay Once You’re Here

There are hundreds of hotels in an around Keller that will more than meet your needs.  If you want something budget friendly then you can check into one of the chain hotels in the area, they will run less than $100 per night.  Despite only having 2- 3 stars these hotels are clean, accommodating, close to everything and most will have all of the amenities that you need.  However if you are looking for something a little more high end then those are available too.  If you want something a little more homey and affordable then you can book into one of the AirBNBs located in town.

When to Come to Keller

This is Texas after all so if you plan on coming down here in the summertime then be prepared for the heat.  From June right through to September triple-digit heat isn’t unusual.  This part of Texas also has seasons so if you are heading down here in the winter months then bring a winter coat, while snow is rare from November to the end of February you can expect the thermometer to hover around 35F.

Business in Keller

Texas has always been a business-friendly state and Keller upholds that tradition.  There are tax advantages both at the local and state level to incentivize you to relocate here.  The business community is friendly and you can find half a dozen or more networking groups that you can connect with. Our friends at Keller Tree Service are one of many great local Keller TX businesses which are reaping the benefits that Keller has to offer. They not only provide Tree Service in Keller Texas but they also support other businesses in the community. Make sure to visit them at Come and visit Keller and see everything that it has to offer, you will love it here.

Best Restaurants in Keller Texas

The city of Keller is blessed with a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a wide variety of shopping and dining destinations. The city boast of having the best places for eatery and drinks offering a wide range of variety ranging from steakhouses, Italian and Mexican delicacies, beers and famous cocktails. A visit to Keller town in Texas guarantees your satisfaction and convenience to your tastes and preferences your food choice. Among the best restaurants are:

Texas Blue Steakhouse

This is an American steakhouse known for serving farm-to-table with local produce features. This newest addition to old downtown Keller dining scene, located on the corner of main and Tyler Street. The Steakhouse serves steaks of different varieties ranging from boneless ribeye, petite filet, bacon-wrapped filet mignon and the likes of pan-speared Texas Redfish. You can make your reservations via their website which gives you the convenience and ample time to get your preferred table when visiting the steakhouse.

You are welcome at the steakhouse from Monday to Sunday with different menus at different times like the happy hour from Monday to Saturday from 4 PM -5 PM.

Snooty Pig Keller

Original it was established in Keller in 2000. Ever since, the town boast of the cafe offering the best breakfast, with 20 varieties of their world known muffins low in fat. Lunch special daily with the best value of around $5.99. You will find the cafe open from 6:30 AM till 2:00 PM in the afternoon on weekdays and from 7:00 AM to 2:00 in the afternoon on the weekend. make a stop at the cafe and relive the memories from the last decade. If it is your first time, make a stop over to see what the excitement is all about. Geographically in Keller between Rute Snow and Davis Mill in the Sten Smart Shopping Center.

The Pour Shack

This is your friendly hometown bar and grill. When evening kicks in the bar come to life. It attracts the hottest crowd having an all-around live and night performance Keller. You will experience the best live music from rock bands, party rock bands, and dance bands. Get a seat at the bar, enjoy live music and dance or simply watch live NBA, NFL on the HD flat screens and projectors. You will be catered with the vast selection of stout beers, cider beers, and premium and domestic beers. You are sorted still with a glass of their signature cocktail or a glass of wine if you are not a ber fan.

Devivo’s Bros. Eatery

This is a locally owned and operated family business. It takes huge pride in preparing the freshest fast food from the freshest ingredients. Originating from an Italian heritage, the motto has been if you are cooking for someone you are giving them a gift. Hence, take your time to prepare the gift and present it perfectly.

This is reflected in the warm memorable service offered at the eatery. The menu consists of a delicious, bold flavor and slightly larger partitions. Pasta, meatloaf, and sandwiches to name a few are on the menu.

What to Do in Keller Texas

Being as it’s one of the most thriving cities in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, Keller is definitely a vacation destination worth trying out. Tucked away amidst other bustling Texan cities like Southlake and Fort Worth, Keller boasts a natural charm and liveliness that will leave you wishing you had discovered it earlier. Whether you’re looking for vacation activities for you and your family to engage in, or simply looking to relieve off some stress during your business trip here, this intimate Southern city has lots of options for you. Here’s a rundown of some fun things to do in and around Keller.

Adventure World Park

Treat your kids to some outdoor fun at this magnificent city park that features a variety of fun attractions such as a water park, a roller coaster and multiple fountains. Situated at 7451 Starnes Road, North Richland Hills, Adventure World Park is only a few minutes’ drive away from Keller. The park’s management has gone to great lengths to make the premises safe for kids of all ages, even incorporating soft foam groundwork to protect your very young ones from getting injured while playing.

The Moviehouse & Eatery

This beautiful movie theater- situated at 250 Rufe Snow Drive- features luxurious recliner seats that accords you maximum comfort while you enjoy high-quality visuals on the wall-to-wall screen. The movie house also has a kitchen and bar, should you feel like grabbing a bite or a drink while watching your movie. What’s more, the resident chef is in charge of selecting the menu offerings, thus ensuring you’re served unique and delectable delights.

Marshall Creek Ranch

For nature lovers, this amazing ranch offers lots of thrills that you’re likely to enjoy. Sitting on 2200 acres of land, the ranch boasts over 39 miles of equestrian trails to traverse. While on these trails, you’ll get to see a diverse variety of wildlife including great blue herons, coyotes and deer. In addition, there’s no reason to worry if you’re a beginner, as the ranch’s management has set up horse-riding lessons. The ranch’s address is 4401 T W King Road.

The DFW Adventure Park

If you’re into parks for the adrenaline-packed activities they offer, then this is the perfect hangout spot for you. The paint ball and zip line activities will definitely keep you and your family engaged, while the expansive green space is certain to give you a welcome sense of tranquility in this bustling metropolis. The DFW Adventure Park is located at 13055 Cleveland Gibbs Road.